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A Dam Good Idea

A Dam Good Idea

I posted this in June 2016 on my facebook page. This is something ALA campaigned hard for during the last federal election.


The major parties in this country are obsessed with spending. The deficit is at a record high and there is no end in sight. Both parties are promising to spend money that doesn’t even exist. As it is they need to borrow money to pay the interest on the money that has already been borrowed!

They are playing short term politics throwing money around on programs and policies that have little to no substance and will not bring returns on investment.

Malcolm Turnbull can say ‘jobs and growth’, ‘innovation’ and ‘agility’ all he likes but no one is buying the fluff and bubble he is trying to sell.

It is clear to many Australians that politicians seem to think they are elected to represent their own interests instead of the interests of those who have elected them. There is no vision, no plan and no direction that either major party is offering for a stable and secure future for the country.

The Snowy River Hydro Scheme is one of Australia’s greatest success stories. Environmentally, economically and socially it has resulted in great benefits for all Australians and to this day it remains a profitable venture. Why is it that this has not been replicated on a national level many times over? Two words - the Greens. Perhaps add a couple more, “Malcolm Turnbull.”

The Greens have locked up and damaged a great deal of the environment in this country, destroying communities and prosperity in the process. The disastrous Murray Darling Basin Plan - signed off by Malcolm Turnbull before becoming Prime Minister, has left entire communities in dire need. The Menindee Lakes are dry and Broken Hill has major problems with water availability and quality. There is not a frog, a fish or a bird in sight. Speaking with the local indigenous people is heartbreaking as they describe how dry the river is and how putrid the remaining water has become. It means no swimming or fishing and it has a profound effect emotionally and spiritually on the community.

Further downstream the Riverina area has lost a million tonnes of production in rice. Until recently we were exporting rice to Asia but since the government has sold off irrigation licences to speculators in Hong Kong our farmers and industry have suffered enormously.

There are 77 elements in the world that we use for everything - from food to clothing to every product we buy and sell. In Australia we have 75 of them in abundance and yet we import more than we export! We are even importing things like bricks from Spain and cement from Indonesia. It is ludicrous.

As a result of the Green’s control over the environment we are presently capturing and utilising less than 1% of all runoff in this country. We have built one dam in 35 years and our population has doubled! Electricity prices are among the highest in the world.

The reality is ALA has a plan that will benefit the entire nation. A team of industry experts, including our own candidate for Farrer, Ron Pike, has spent the past ten years, at their own expense, identifying suitable sites for dams, weirs and reservoirs that will ensure continuous flow of river systems resulting in larger areas to irrigate, job creation, and healing of the environment in these systems. It means the restoration of communities and the ability for young people to stay in the towns where they have grown up. This plan will be profitable and will go a long way to repairing the budget. It will also result in much lower energy bills for all Australians.

Why hasn’t it been done, if it is so simple? Because of the stranglehold the Greens have over the two major parties.

This policy is simply about common sense and putting Australian’s first. It is about job creation, healing the environment, restoring communities, promoting Australian farms, manufacturing and local industries. Quite frankly, it is a dam good idea.