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Two Muslims go head to head over Islamic terror

Two Muslims go head to head over Islamic terror

Fantastic viewing from Sunrise today. (I know, I am surprised too!)

Two Muslims go head to head over what the Islamic texts incite and inspire.



Jamal Rifi insists that terror is not a part of Islam and Shaikh Tawhidi calls him out as a liar stating that Islam has been a religion of war since its inception. The Islamic texts do in fact incite and inspire terrorism. ...

Rifi says the Manchester bomber is going to hell because he killed 'innocents', the problem is that many Muslims believe that everyone who rejects or ignores Islam is guilty - ie not innocent so therefore the killing is justified.

I do find it extremely curious though that Tawhidi states he knows the Islamic texts are full of violence and incite terror - why then does he continue to call himself a Muslim?

To reform Islam would be to throw out a great deal of the doctrine and example of Mohammad and it would not longer be recognisable as Islam. Most Muslims in Australia reject Tawhidi and do not follow him or his ideas. They do not consider him a Muslim at all. Many Islamic organisations have signed a document stating Tawhidi is not recognised as an Imam.

Despite this I am thankful he has a voice and is using it to expose the lies and deception that too many Muslims have gotten away with in our country. I hope he continues to speak out and highlight the vile, barbaric and dangerous nature of the texts and example of Mohammad regardless. He has very few Muslim followers but he is attracting a great deal of attention from the rest of us who want exactly this kind of conversation publicised. Well done Shaikh Tawhidi!