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Daily Mail - Kirralie Smith slams Coles

Daily Mail - Kirralie Smith slams Coles

As always the lefties are more outraged by the fact I point out the hate speech, violence and oppression than the actual hate speech, violence and oppression!

Ramadan is always a time of escalated violence as more and more Muslims read the Quran and Hadiths and literally obey the commands to oppress and slaughter infidels, apostates and become ‘martyrs’ in the hope of reaping eternal rewards.


Ramadan 2017 has been bloody and a number of Australians have been victims of the jihad waged by devout, Quran-obeying, Mohammad-following Muslims.

It is reasonable that consumers take issue with Coles and Woolworths and other retail outlets appeasing and pandering to a minority group that is divisive and presents a danger to our harmony and security.

Nots that even the appeasing “It is important we promote and encourage Islam” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is refusing to host a Ramadan meal this year.

Here is the Daily Mail’s take on it.


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