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Facebook Ban

Facebook Ban

As you know, the world has gone mad!

I criticise Islam – without apology. For doing so I am labelled a racist, a bigot, an Islamophobe, divisive and an extremist.

Anyone can criticise Catholicism, Nazism, Communism and any other ‘ism’ without such labels or made up words like Catholicaphobia being thrown at them. But don’t you dare criticise, mock, satirise or speak plainly about Islam.

This morning I was informed by Facebook that I have breached “community standards”.

Here is the so-called offensive post:

removed from facebook.PNG


I am not divisive – I highlight the division Islam promotes.

I don’t incite violence – I highlight teachings in Islam that do incite violence.

I don’t use hate speech – I shine a light on hate speech in the Quran.

I don’t condone violence - I expose the explicit commands in Islamic texts that do.

I am not an extremist – I draw attention to the followers of Mohammad who are.


Facebook allows and publishes vile and explicit threats and boasts from unhinged lefties and aggressive Muslims and yet my post gets deleted and a 24 hour ban imposed.

The double standards and hypocrisy is astounding.

Everywhere we turn conservatives are being censored, intimidated, threatened and even assaulted! (Andrew Bolt being attacked by Antifa members this week).

This just makes me more determined to keep speaking out. I won’t give up. We must stand firm for the sake of a safe and strong nation, for the sake of our children!

Please stand with me. There are many ways you can do this. Share posts, join Q Society, become a member of Australian Conservatives and assist me to promote the conservative values that ensure a secure and prosperous present and future for Australia.


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