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Local councils need to stick with garbage collection

Local councils need to stick with garbage collection

Local councils have a new distraction to amuse themselves with at the expense of our already exorbitant rates.

Apparently all the potholes are filled, the parks are up-to-scratch, libraries are fully stocked and garbage collection is well and truly under control.

The Australian Local Government Association wants to waste our time and resources lobbying the government to change the date of Australia Day. They have voted to weigh in on social matters and ignore their lack of performance in providing services for their local communities.

Oz day multi.PNG

No matter what date they chose to change it to members of the permanently “offenderati “mob would find something to whinge about.

Social harmony is not achieved by challenging every institution and desiring to change every established social norm and value. Social harmony is achieved by reinforcing common sense, common values and common principles.

Do these same people who are rooted to the past regarding indigenous issues blame all Germans today for what Hitler did? No of course not.

Australians can and do acknowledge hurts of the past but the majority have moved on and relate to people on merit – not skin colour, not socio-economic background, not ethnicity – we are not stuck in the past the way many so-called ‘progressives’ are. The lefty lynch mobs are anchored to a past that is no longer our reality. They have not and will not progress because they act like spoilt children who don’t have the maturity or ability to deal with facts. They promote segregation and division, not harmony.

Australia Day is a fantastic day to remember or history AND to celebrate the fact we have grown in to a very welcoming, tolerant, successful nation. We don’t have to be ashamed or continually apologise for sins of the past. We can honestly remember and learn from those sins but we don’t have to continually flog ourselves and live in shame. We have grown, we have become an incredibly tolerant and inclusive nation. The evidence is everywhere if you just open your eyes.

It is time for progressives to actually progress and add to the growth, development and maturity of this nation instead of tearing down and actively seeking to divide us at every turn.

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