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Stop Halal Certification Rorts Now!

Stop Halal Certification Rorts Now!


The coalition government is incompetent and couldn't care less about what the majority of Australians want.
They raise the debt ceiling without concern for those of us that have to work hard to repay an unrepayable debt. Our children will suffer greatly because of their reckless spending.

Malcolm Turnbull thinks Islam should be encouraged.

Julie Bishop flaunts herself wearing a dress that equals half a years wage and expects the average Aussie to relate!?!
Barnaby Joyce prattles on about halal exports being necessary and yet ignores the fact that our top ten meat exporters desperately want the senate recommendations implemented as the halal fees and practices are prohibitive.
In 2015 a six month inquiry was held into Third Party Certification of Food. The bipartisan findings from the committee were handed in to the senate December 2015. To date the government has done absolutely nothing with these findings!
The inquiry costs hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars.
The recommendations will benefit consumers, businesses and exporters and still the coalition buries their heads in the sand and refuses to act.
This week Q Society together with Halal Choices will release a documentary highlighting the concerns, the corruption, and the unpalatable truths about halal certification in Australia. We will not rest until the government acts and implements these recommendations for the benefit of all Australians.


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