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Dunkirk - Lest We Forget

Dunkirk - Lest We Forget



Last night my husband and I went to see the film Dunkirk.

Before the movie we had dinner at our local RSL. As always at 6pm in the club patrons stand and remember those who have fought and died, those who have given their all to protect our freedoms.

Together we say, “We will remember them” and of course, “Lest we forget.”

Watching Dunkirk was difficult for me. Any time I watch a war movie I think about my uncles and other relatives who served in WW1, WW2 and Vietnam. Our family has many photo’s, stories and memorabilia that over the years has revealed the depth of sacrifice these people and others like them have made for our nation.


Uncle Willie recieved a DSO and DCM for service in WW1

uncle willie.jpg


My Uncle Walt served in Vietnam

Uncle walt.jpg



The fear. The courage. The futility. The hope. The despair. The cost can never be under estimated, nor should we ever forget. These men and women left the security and comfort of family, friends, homes, farms, businesses and jobs to stand up for what is right, what is good and what is just. They were prepared to sacrifice their freedoms and their lives to ensure we could enjoy ours.

Watching Dunkirk was another sobering and depressing reminder to me of how much we have forgotten over the past 100 years. It seems to me that everyday there are more and more people willing to forget the price of freedom and are in fact actively handing over our freedoms on a platter. With a cherry on top!

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, political correctness, same sex marriage, the imposition of Islam, climate change, sanctity of life, gender issues and social engineering have all become subject to feelings not fact.

The loudest whingers get all the attention, victimhood is celebrated and rewarded, minority groups rule the roost and everyone else is called a bigot, racist or Islamophobe for speaking out or holding common sense, conservative views.

While I was depressed and saddened by the film I was also inspired by the film Dunkirk. I am thankful there are still filmmakers out there who don’t want us to forget. I sincerely hope we never again have to fight for our survival the way our brave men and women did in the past.

But it seems to me we are already in the fight of lives and may not realise it because the sounds of bombers and bullets have been replaced with the sounds of moaners and groaners demanding their own selfish way instead of what is good, right and true for the benefit of all.

Friends, don’t let dismay or discouragement hold you down. Stand up for what is true, stand up for common sense and join the fight. Let’s not just survive, let’s thrive and grow because there is a better way!


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