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Google search is sus!

There is something strange about the Google search engine. Try doing a search about ‘gays against same sex marriage’ and you will notice the first page of links doesn’t really fit the parameters.

Yesterday on my Facebook and Twitter accounts I posted this video of an Irish gay man who is opposed to same sex marriage.


In the comments afterwards one supporter wrote:

“Google 'gays against same sex marriage'. Nothing. Then switch browsers to duckduckgo and search for the same thing. LOTS of gays against it. Fuck Google!”



So I tried it and it is exactly as my supporter says.


This is Google:

google gays against ssm.PNG



This is Duck Duck Go:

duckduckgo gays against ssm.PNG



If you scroll down all of page one on the Google search there is not one link to a page or article that is actually about “Gays against same sex marriage.” In fact it wasn’t until I got to almost the bottom of page two that I found a link that was about “gays against same sex marriage.” Most of the links had all the words but had rearranged the order to select links that were “gays, same sex marriage, against” and most were against the postal vote!

Now be honest, how many people actually scroll past page one on a google search? Not many. Most only look at the top two or three suggestions. So if you want to find testimony, articles or websites about gays against same sex marriage Google is not going to be much help. Not because they don’t exist, but probably because Google doesn’t want you to find them.

Yet page one of Duck Duck Go was mostly populated with such links. To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of Duck Duck Go until the comment was left on my post yesterday. There was some interesting reading from those links as well, that actually were written by gays who are against same sex marriage.

The debate is heavily stacked on the ‘yes’ side. It would appear that Google, main stream media and even many politicians don’t want you to hear both sides of the debate. Please don’t be one of Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’ who goes along with the propaganda without thinking through all the issues. Do some research, listen carefully to what people are saying and then make up your mind. It won’t be easy when even Google won’t give you accurate search results, but that is no excuse. The information is out there if you care to find it.


And I wouldn't trust Google if I were you....


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