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Don't be intimidated by the hysterical mob

Don't be intimidated by the hysterical mob


This postal survey and campaign is not about equality.
It is not about judging or determining the value of gay relationships.
If it was, why was their no outcry years ago when same sex relationships were recognised in exactly the same way de facto relationships are?


Julia Gillard, Penny Wong and others took the position until very recently that homosexuals had the same rights and opportunities as anyone else and that the term marriage should not be redefined. They took that position because it is true! They have changed their tune because this is about something more.

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Being opposed to redefining marriage does not make you a bigot or homophobe.
Defending the current law of the land does not make you intolerant and is not the equivalent of racism.
Standing up for traditional marriage between a man and woman does not make you callous, hateful or an oppressor.
There are many consequences of redefining the term marriage.
Legislative changes at both a federal and state level will have a massive flow on effect that cannot yet be measured. Other terms such as mother, father, son, daughter will be directly effected. The education system will be faced with enormous challenges as will businesses and religious organisations.
The government is refusing to inform citizens about the intent of changing the Marriage Act and that in itself should cause people to ask serious questions. This is not a simple emotional desire, it is the deconstruction of a foundational principle of our society and it must be taken seriously.
Reducing this debate to hashtags, insults and threats is irresponsible and dangerous.
Do your research, ask the hard questions, don't be intimidated by the hysterical mob and remember, despite the bullies, it is OK to vote no.



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