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Finally, a response re Halal Certification from the Government

Finally, a response re Halal Certification from the Government



On the 3rd August 2017 I wrote the following letter to the Prime Minster regarding 608 days of inaction since the Third Party Certification of Food Inquiry.

On the 15th September I finally received an emailed response.

The following was written by Barnaby Joyce:


response from BJ re halal.PNG


Hmmmm is this response of some assistance?

Here is what he attached:


Gov response aug 2017 HC 1.PNG


Okay. Obviously stating what we already know here.




Gov response Aug 2017 HC 2.PNG


The government is good at using a lot of words that don’t actually tell you much.

But we are starting to get somewhere here in terms of ‘consumer value issues’ which the objections to halal certification are all about. Unfortunately, it doesn't go anywhere.


Gov response Aug 2017 HC 3.PNG


Okay. So the government has had two years to ‘consider’ these points. When will we see any action?


Gov response Aug 2017 HC 4.PNG



Passing the buck is a well-worn practice of the government, especially when the issues are in the too-hard basket. Australia is over-governed and bureaucrats are experts at spending tax payer dollars for very little (if any) results.

It has been well established that consumers want information so they can make appropriate decisions about their grocery purchases. Many consumers have made it known they are not happy about their grocery dollars supporting Sharia practices and promotion without their knowledge or consent. The government is wasting time and money involving more bureaucrats in this process.



Gov response Aug 2017 HC 5.PNG

The government has conveniently ignored the fact that meat exporters have been lobbying them for years about the prohibitive fees and practices involved in this under-regulated industry. Barnaby Joyce, Malcolm Turnbull and all who are responsible refuse to acknowledge the valid concerns the meat exporters have with monopolies, price gouging, bribery, inconsistencies and corruption that has been reported to them.

See this documentary for more information about the difficult situation our Australian meat exporters are placed under regarding halal certification:

Halal Certification: The Unpalatable Truth


I am glad that the government has not dropped this issue altogether but I am afraid their response and lack of action is unacceptable. They dither around, pass the buck, feed the bureaucratic beast, try to absolve themselves of responsibility and achieve absolutely nothing. Meanwhile they continue to turn a blind eye while Australian businesses suffer and consumers fund the promotion of Sharia without their knowledge or consent.

Please take some time to write to Barnaby Joyce and let him know this issue will not go away and we demand an appropriate resolution. It is the government’s desire that we all forget about it, so it is very important to remind them there is no chance that we will.

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