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Love not hate - hope you get hit by a bus!


Fair dinkum, you cannot make this stuff up.
I posted a simple photo my daughter took the other day of me holding my postal ballot. Of course I voted no. That is no surprise to anyone who knows me or follows my page.



1mil people reached vote no.PNG



What is a surprise is that the photo has reached over a million people. Almost 14,000 people have either liked or loved the image while about 1500 have been angry I posted it.
Nearly 1000 shares and more than 4000 comments. Unfortunately it is the comments that come as no surprise. The hate, vitriol, aggression and vulgarity of my opponents is stereotypical. Combined with the poor spelling and lack of imagination all they do is reinforce a negative, self centred, spiteful caricature that conveys little intelligence  or desire to engage seriously with the issue.
Far from being offended I am often amused at the irony of so many messages yelling at me to "love not hate' while also telling me they hope I die or get hit by a bus.

Here is a very small example from the past few days:

fb hate ssm 28 sept 10.PNG
So tolerant of an opposing view point don't you think?

fb hate ssm 28 sept 9.PNG
Hahaha, this one made me laugh, my husband of almost 20 years is the most blokey 6'4 bloke you could ever wish to meet. And the best argument you have is you don't like my eyebrows!?! Are you 6 yrs old?

fb hate ssm 28 sept 8.PNG
Is he insulting me or people with special needs?

fb hate ssm 28 sept 7.PNG
Yes it is a free country for homosexuals. This is not about being gay, it is about redefining marriage.

fb hate ssm 28 sept 6.PNG
I have gay relatives and friends, love them and accept them, no worries. What I am opposed to is redefining marriage, not gay people.

fb hate ssm 28 sept 5.PNG
Such tolerance for an opposing view. Whatever happened to diversity?

FB hate ssm 28 sept 4.PNG
"Berried in a cave" I do love berries, sounds kind of nice don't you think? And I wonder what size the "waist of society" actually is?

Fb hate 28 sept ssm 3.PNG
Wishing us dead so the ones who are left can all be equal? Who will pay the welfare bills?

Fb hate ssm 28 sept 2.PNG
Such uplifting and encouraging words hey? No irony here at all...

FB hate ssm 28 sept.PNG
Are you feeling the love yet?

FB hate 27th sept 2017 3.PNG
That's a lot of hate from a 'love is love' advocate!

fb hate 27 sept 2017 ssm.PNG
Sure it is, just reinforces the stereotype. Thank you.

FB hate 27th sept 2.PNG

FB hate 27th Sept 17.PNG
More love from the 'tolerant' brigade.

I think you get the idea.

For the record, I have gay relatives and gay friends. Some want marriage redefined, others don't. My issue is not whether someone is gay. I am not homophobic. It is your choice to be homosexual or heterosexual. The majority of Aussies are heterosexual.
Australia offers people the freedom to engage in any sexual act they please in the privacy of their own home as long as it is by consent and not with children. It can involved either sex and as many people as desired. What you do in your bedroom is your business and you are free to continue. It is a free country!
What I, and many others are opposed to, is redefining marriage. To do so will have consequences as has been proven by the evidence from other countries where it has been legalised. The education system will have to make massive accommodations, businesses will be impacted, many pieces of legislation will have to undergo the very costly exercise of being changed, religious freedoms will be challenged, and the social fabric will be further divided.
The intolerance of those calling for tolerance is a joke. The 'love is love' crowd are displaying mostly hate, the we want to be free to marry crowd want to squash their opponents freedoms. I am proud of, and stand by my NO vote. If I am the only one so-be-it. It doesn't bother me. I have principles that I live by and I am not for changing.

Please stand with me. There are many ways you can do this. Share posts, become a member of Australian Conservatives and assist me to promote the conservative values that ensure a secure and prosperous present and future for Australia.

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