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The Mosque Next Door

The Mosque Next Door

SBS is advertising a new show called ‘The Mosque Next Door.’

How lovely.



The promo contrasts the stereotypical “nasty, angry looking, white anti mosque Australians” with the “nice, safe, cheery Muslims” who go to the mosque.

nasty white girl sbs.PNG


No bias what-so-ever. Yeah right.

In just 1 minute and 35 seconds the agenda of SBS (Serious BS) is highlighted and on full display for all to see.

No reasonable debate. No intelligent discussion. No balance. No reporting.

Just pure, unadulterated bias.


SBS claims they were given exclusive 24/7 access to a mosque. Well good for them. Very predictably we will see men praying, women in hijabs, people drinking coffee and they even throw in a boy dabbing and some guys playing cricket for good measure. One beared Muslim with an Aussie accent says he is as dinky-di as a meat pie.

dinky di sbs.PNG


Obviously, all is well and now we can sleep soundly because our concerns have been put to rest, right?

What an insult to our intelligence.

Are there dinky-di, cricket loving Muslims? Absolutely. Are there loving married couples and happy Muslim children in Australia. Yes, of course. Are there Muslims who will wish us a Merry Christmas? Undoubtedly.

Does any of this negate the fact that there are genuine and reasonable concerns Australians have about mosques? Not at all.

Two young girls are featured wearing hijabs and one says it helps stop the spread of head lice! Really?

hijabi gilrs sbs.PNG


These two girls are quite possibly pre-pubescent and yet are wearing these head coverings for ‘modesty.’ Sounds harmless but in reality these young girls are being manipulated into believing it is their responsibility to cover up because some Muslim men can’t control their sexual urges.

Remember Hilaly and his uncovered meat quote?

I bet the exclusive 24/7 camera access failed to pick up similar derogatory remarks. I am fairly certain even if they did, SBS would refuse to air it. Don’t you think the mosque goers would have been quite guarded and careful with their words and actions while the cameras were rolling?

Do you think they would really be honest about how some Muslim women are forced to wear the degrading head coverings? Do you think any young girl, or grown woman for that matter, who objected to wearing the hijab in that community would be courageous enough to come out against her family and community to state she didn’t want to wear one? No, they won’t for fear of punishment or being isolated. The worse part of it many Muslim women believe the lie that they are responsible for men’s lack of self-control when it comes to their sexuality. There is no respect, just dehumanising lies. Why don’t SBS point out the sexism and misogyny?

Another man says the reasons Australians are afraid of mosques is because they have never stepped foot inside one.

Most Australians don’t have to step foot inside a mosque to be completely and utterly turned off by one. We all know that after you remove your shoes men must be segregated from the women. That is not dinky-di at all. Where are the equality champions at SBS jumping up and down about that?

Men are not superior to women. Yet in Islam this is endorsed with segregation, head coverings, chaperoning and in some cases a male won’t even shake a female’s hand. Sexism, misogyny and bigotry is openly practiced while SBS and their fan base will have no qualms with it at all.

Once inside the mosque the Quran & Hadiths will be taught and the example of the so-called prophet will be upheld.

The same Quran that ISIS and other jihadist groups around the world quote from when they terrorise, execute, abuse and oppress people.

The same Islamic texts that governments such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran and Pakistan use to officially endorse and sanction violence, oppression and fear in their countries in the name of Islam.

sura 8 12.PNG

The same texts that are literally obeyed by some wanna-be terrorists here in Australia. Read more here, includes a lot of quotes from the Quran that have been explicitly and literally obeyed by countless Muslims around the world.

This is what really goes on in the mosque. The Islamic writings are upheld as infallible and unquestionable and there has been no revision or reformation to change it. There are plenty of excuses such as ‘obey the law of the land’, but as we have seen that is often ignored with children being abused in underage marriages conducted in mosques, female genital mutilation being endorsed by some Imams, illegal Sharia courts operating out of some mosques and so much more.

The reality is whenever a terrorist plot or act of terrorism takes place in Australia one of the first things we hear from the Muslim community is, “He was such a good boy. He prayed 5x a day, read the Quran and attended the mosque.” Hello! The Curtis Cheng murderer even picked up his gun at a mosque!

Does that mean all mosque goers are terrorists? No, it doesn’t. Does it mean all Muslims literally obey the commands in the Quran? No it doesn’t. Does it mean all Muslims want to exemplify the disgusting example of Mohammed? Of course not.

What it does mean is there are serious concerns about mosques and Islam in Australia and making a little puff piece about cricket and meat pies won’t put those concerns to rest.

cricket sbs.PNG


Finally, the promo also uses some images of me standing by my friend and colleague Bernard Gaynor. We both refuse to be a part of such programs.

bernie kiz sbs mosque.PNG


You can view some of my comments about SBS and their extreme bias here. I explain why I refuse to take part in shows like this one as I am convinced SBS want to inflame the debate, not facilitate reasonable discussion. They present one incredibly biased perspective (at tax payer expense) while condoning sexism, misogyny and bigotry:


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