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Halal certification, terror groups & the meat industry

Halal certification, terror groups & the meat industry

Last week a report by the Courier Mail stated:

“Western Meats Exports Managing Director, Campbell McPhee – one of the biggest employers in the Charleville region said Senator Hanson’s claims that halal certification is funding terrorism groups was incorrect and was an important part of his business.”

The article also contains a number of other uniformed or deceptive comments. Read it here:


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Halal certification organisations have been linked to funding terror groups in the USA, Canada and France.

An example from Canada

MAC halal fees chart.PNG




The Senate inquiry into Third Party Certification of food in 2015 found that the authorities in Australia such as AUSTRAC, ACC, etc have not thoroughly investigated the links.

See submissions, the senate report and transcripts here:

My Submission #1278

Transcripts of public hearings including AUSTRAC being questioned by Senator Bernardi






4 Corners did a special report about halal certification and found profits from the industry are being used to fund an Islamic school, mosque and charity in Indonesia.

Program here:


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The top 10 major beef exporters in this country have been lobbying the government to implement the senate recommendations. They believe that halal certification is prohibitive and that there is corruption, price gouging and bribery in the industry. The government have not acted to date.


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For a more detailed analysis about halal certification in Australia see our documentary here:

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