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Islamic head coverings promote victim blaming

Islamic head coverings promote victim blaming

I find the emphasis on women in Islam to cover up very telling. Muslim men and Muslim women often repeat the mantra that the head coverings are ‘liberating’ and it is all about ‘modesty’.

But the truth is it is about revolting and vile men who can’t control their sexual urges.

It is about weak and pathetic men who refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

This attitude is confirmed here  


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Zainadine Johnson is an Australian Imam and a hardline Islamic leader who says women need to wear the hijab so men can control their sexual urges.

He says, “‘Men should be able to control themselves. This is a common argument against the Islamic hijab,’ he told his Facebook followers. ‘I totally agree, they should be able to control themselves, however facts show many don’t, this is why a hijab is necessary for women.’”

No a hijab is not necessary for women. Men must be responsible for their actions full stop. So must women.

Muslims seem proud and boastful about head coverings and modesty but really it is utterly shameful that they think so little of men.

Real men, men of worth, value and honor don’t assault or rape women. It doesn’t matter what women wear or how they act.

Real men protect, respect and honor women.

No-one asks to be assaulted. No one asks to be raped.  

Uncovered women are not similar to uncovered cat meat. They are not whores or sluts or deserving of attack.

Women, and men, ought to be treated with dignity and respect because they are human beings.

The Islamic texts and example of the so-called prophet do not honor women and they place all the onus of responsibility for sex on women. Women must bear the burden of modesty and if they are raped it is their fault. They must cover up, be chaperoned and hidden away in case the vile, immature and repulsive men can’t control their sexual urges. Fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins and even sons can punish the woman if she has been found to provoke a man. It is barbaric and insulting.


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It is about culture and indoctrination. Western men are more than capable of relating to women, without head coverings, and not assault or rape them. They can shake hands with a woman, work with a woman and converse with a woman without abusing her. Western men can sit with a woman in a bikini and not rape or assault her. Western men have learned to control their sexual urges and do not use pathetic ‘religious’ excuses to justify revolting attitudes toward women.

Are all Aussie men saints and heroes? Of course not. But as a society we do not tolerate sexual abuse and we call it out and punish it. We don’t blame the victim, we punish the perpetrator. As a society we don’t buy the excuse that men can’t control themselves, because that is nonsense.

In my estimation it would appear western culture is far superior to the weak and pathetic attitudes that use Islam as an excuse to oppress women and blame them for their lack of self control.




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