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Clear Labelling Essential

Clear Labelling Essential



I am utterly convinced that if the 2015 Senate recommendations were to be implemented the halal industry in this country would suffer greatly and perhaps even collapse.

If consumers were given accurate and clear information at the point of sale they would most certainly vote with their wallets and reject halal certified products.





If every supermarket, café, restaurant, club, pub and butcher were required to label just the meat with something along the lines of “this meat has been subject to religious certification”, consumers would make their feelings and choices known without hesitation.

As it is there is so much secrecy and ambiguity regarding halal certification in Australia.

A great deal of meat is subject to halal fees and practices but the consumer is none-the-wiser. Very rarely is it labelled as such and most outlets can accurately state that the meat at the point of sale is no longer considered halal. While it may have been slaughtered as such and fees paid that then benefit the promotion of Sharia, because the meat has been stored or transported with other meat it is no longer considered halal.

If ALL meat that had been ritually or religiously slaughtered, and ALL meat that had been subject to halal fees were labelled as such then consumers could make informed decisions at the point of sale, regardless of whether or not the meat was still considered to be halal at the point of sale.

The coalition government have proven gutless and timid when it comes to implementing these recommendations. They have treated the Australian tax payer with contempt by ignoring the process. There was a 6 month senate inquiry with a record number of submissions. The senate committee responded with clear and appropriate recommendations that the government have completely ignored. The incompetence and disdain that Turnbull and co have for citizens in Australia seems to know no bounds.

The UK are at least having the conversation.


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Don’t back down, make 2018 a year when you will follow up with your local MP and contact other members of the government to ensure the recommendations are implemented.

There is a better way. Please stand with me. There are many ways you can do this. Share posts, become a member of Australian Conservatives and assist me to promote the conservative values that ensure a secure and prosperous present and future for Australia.

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