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Election excuses and blame

Election excuses and blame

After every election or by-election there is a mop up, a debrief, a post mortem if you will. It is an important phase every party must go through and honest analysis is necessary. Successes must be acknowledged and areas of improvement must be identified. Lessons need to be heeded.

Our leader, Senator Cory Bernardi, will do just that.

The temptations are there to make excuses and to lay the blame at someone else’s feet when the desired outcomes are not achieved.

I am not one for excuses or laying the blame. I hope that most of the members in our party will choose to be constructive and productive, rather than complain or just be critical.

I wasn’t hands on in either the Batman by-election or the South Australian state election so I will leave the in-depth analysis to those who were.

What I do take away from both results is that an increasing number of Australian voters are fed up with the major parties. There is a vacuum and as yet no party is yet to fill the void effectively.

This tweet from election analyst Antony Green sums it up well:



Antony Green tweet SA Votes.JPG


In every election there are many, many minor parties and independents running and trying to make a difference. Most of them average around 1% of the vote. There are only a handful of parties or individuals that rise about the 4% mark. These are the ones to watch but usually they rise and fall without much impact on the majors or on the political landscape on the whole.

But this is changing. We are in a season where election outcomes are closer and less predictable.  We are in a season where disillusionment is high, confusion is strong and alternatives to the majors have not really been tested.

Informal votes are rising and protest votes are the discussion of every election. Politics as we have known it is broken and the fix is being hotly debated and contested, with no clear solution yet emerging.

I believe Australian Conservatives is a viable answer. We have a strong and experienced leader who is prepared to commit to the long game. This party is not about personality or identity politics. Senator Cory Bernardi is measured and wise and very strategic. He is carefully building this movement brick by brick. As more and more people in Australia are exposed to the common sense principles and values of this party we will see confidence grow and support increase.

A lot of the growth now depends on you, the member, the supporter and the voter. It is essential that you share information with your networks to educate and awaken the complacent voter. It is essential you become a member, you volunteer some time either via social media or in person to promote the policies and principles of the party. The reward will far outweigh the cost!

Senator Bernardi can and does lead, but it is up to the rest of us to get involved and do our part. Complaining won’t achieve much but action will!

Please stand with me. There are many ways you can do this. Share posts, become a member of Australian Conservatives and assist me to promote the conservative values that ensure a secure and prosperous present and future for Australia.



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