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Halal must be clearly labelled

Halal must be clearly labelled


I think it is a good thing when companies indicate they have paid halal fees on their product.

This enables consumers to make an informed decision at the point of sale. 

This yoghurt pays halal fees to state the obvious and the fees paid to the halal organisation also assist the promotion of Sharia by funding mosques, Islamic schools and charities.

By placing the symbol on the product you can choose whether or not you want to support such practices.

Alternatively you could purchase yoghurt such as Jalna or Tamar Valley that realise there is no need to pay halal fees to state the obvious or to promote Sharia. It is your choice.

If you want all products that pay halal fees, and all meat slaughtered halal, to be clearly labelled as such please sign the petition today and join H.A.M. - the Halal Action Movement to ensure we get the desired results.


SIgn the petition here.


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