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It is ridiculous to accuse Cory Bernardi of being soft on Islam.

It is ridiculous to accuse Cory Bernardi of being soft on Islam.

Let’s get some perspective. Time for some fact checking. I did some internet searches this morning.

When you search “Cory Bernardi Islam” you get 218,000 results

When you search “Cory Bernardi Sharia” you get 240,000 results

When you search “Cory Bernardi halal” you get 218,000 results

When you search “Cory Bernardi burqa” you get 218,000 results

When you search “Cory Bernardi Muslim” you get 218,000 results.

CB Islam.JPG


I think you get the point. There are literally thousands of articles, blogs, news reports, radio interviews, and television shows that have all recorded Senator Cory Bernardi’s position when it comes to Islam. They also clearly demonstrate his commitment to Australia and to getting actual results on the issues that concern us.

Senator Cory Bernardi has been a consistent and vocal critic of Islam and Sharia for more than a decade, and he has many, many runs on the board. As a senator, and with three other party members holding state government positions, Australian Conservatives uses its position to effect real change – not just talk about it.




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So when someone falsely accuses him of not being tough enough or focused on the issue of Islam please stop and think about it. Look at the evidence. Consider the facts.

Is Islam the only issue that concerns the senator? Of course not. He is a champion for so many conservative issues such as limited government, reducing the national debt, promoting stronger families, civil society, power/energy issues, freedom of speech, free enterprise -  the list goes on and on.


If someone is falsely accusing the Senator or Australian Conservatives of something take your time to stop and consider the facts. Also consider what the other party is attempting to gain. It most likely has something to do with a power struggle, lack of control, or jealousy but I will leave that up to your judgement.

Oh and by the way I have never been censored by Cory or anyone at Australian Conservatives (AC).  

Nor did I seek permission or run this by anyone at AC.


Here are a few of the thousands of examples of Cory speaking his mind regarding the ideology of Islam:

9/9/11 -

Dec 2011 - “He’s “carved a niche as one of Australia’s leading conservative voices”, according to his website. He’s riled Greens, gays, feminists, Muslims and small ‘l’ liberals with his campaigns against action on climate change, gay equality and the burqa.”

3/6/13 Q&A -

9/5/15 - “The rallies were marked by the standard rent-a-crowd opposition claiming ‘racism’ but who fail to understand that Islam is an ideology, not a race,” he wrote in a blog post.

“These same clowns had little to say when Islamists hold their violent protests calling for the beheading of infidels.”

In the post, which was emailed to his website’s subscribers on Wednesday, Senator Bernardi also criticised media coverage of the event.

13/5/15 -

19/5/15 -

4/11/15 -

17/2/16 -

23/3/16 -

23/3/16 -

13/5/16 -

9/12/16 -

Controversial conservative politicians Cory Bernardi and George Christensen have agreed to help an anti-Islam organisation raise funds to defend a defamation case brought by a halal certifier.

The South Australian senator and Queensland MP, who are both outspoken critics of Islam and halal certification, are on the bill for a series of events by the Q Society, the Australian reported.


antifa cory and george.png


6/2/17 ABC - First paragraph - Cory Bernardi's inflammatory remarks on gay rights, Islam and climate change have made him one of the most recognisable faces on the Government's backbench.

8/2/17 - “In a 2011 article, Mr Bernardi wrote about why the ideology of Islam was so dangerous and the failure of multiculturalism.”


5/6/17 SMH -  Headline  - Cory Bernardi says 'we need to talk about Islam', insults Muslims with offensive graphic



AC time to talk about Islam.JPG


1/7/17 - “I must thank Senator Cory Bernardi for piling on the parliamentary pressure.”

31/7/17 -


If you are still not convinced search radio interviews on 2GB and other major stations around the country. Look through the countless Sky news interviews and other television news and current affairs programs. Search the Parliamentary Hansard and you will find many speeches and motions that the senator has taken on regarding Islam. Read his books and blog and you will see how often the Senator refers to Islam. It will take you days to read and watch all the content but the one thing you won’t be able to do is accuse Senator Cory Bernardi of being soft on Islam.

I have been a long time supporter of Cory and I joined Australian Conservatives because I am convinced there is a much better way to get the changes we all desire with this party than with any other.

Please stand with me. There are many ways you can do this. Share posts, become a member of Australian Conservatives and assist me to promote the conservative values that ensure a secure and prosperous present and future for Australia.


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