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"My Body, My Choice" is not a comprehensive argument for abortion

"My Body, My Choice" is not a comprehensive argument for abortion

It seems to me that people of my generation and younger have become very lazy when it comes to debate.

Instead of engaging rational discussion on difficult topics the default is to attempt to silence the opposition with insults, harassment and abuse. Instead of arguing the point and using facts as weapons; threats and bullying replace reason and civility.

Abortion is one of those topics.

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The scientific community have NEVER reached a consensus on when life actually begins. To this day there are countless theories and suggestions but no clear consensus. Each person seems to make up their own mind about when it is ok to kill a living organism. It is very subjective. And the loudest ones, the ones with voices, get to shout and make decisions for the voiceless.

I believe this is a debate that must continue. If you are an advocate for human rights then that must apply to all humans. The argument needs to be consistent and rational.

This article raises some great starting points. By all means you are free to disagree but if you do, rather than engage in clichés please use reasons to lay out why you disagree.

An open letter to the UN on abortion


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And this video also raises points that demand careful attention and consideration. All too often we hear “My body, my choice” thrown around as a seemingly valid reason for killing a preborn boy or girl. It is time to engage more logically with this argument. Watch the video and if you disagree, that’s fine but please engage in points of reason as to why.

My Body, My Choice



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Let’s keep the debate to the 99% of abortions that are performed because two consenting adults had sex.

*Incidentally, less than 1% of abortions are performed because the woman has been the victim of sexual assault. In one study of 192 women who conceived as a result of sexual assault, 70 per cent continued their pregnancies. Not one regretted the decision, while 78 per cent of the women who chose abortion regretted their choice. (David C Reardon, Julie Makimaa and Amy Sobie, Victims and Victors: Speaking Out About the Pregnancies, Abortions and Children Resulting from Sexual Assault, 2000, Acorn Books, Springfield Illinois.)

**I have one close relative who was gang raped and didn’t choose abortion but chose to give life to her child. That child is now an adult and I am so thankful the mother chose life over abortion. I also have a friend who was conceived via incest and I am glad the mother chose to give my friend life.


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