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Only an idiot could vote for the Greens

Only an idiot could vote for the Greens


The leader of the Greens, Richard di Natale is dangerous, hypocritical and not very smart.

How much more so anyone who votes for them!


The examples of their idiocy are endless but the latest one pretty much takes the cake.

A few weeks ago Di Natale had a meltdown over George Christensen being photographed holding a gun. George didn’t shoot the gun, didn’t hurt or kill anyone but the Greens lost their heads demanding George lose his.

According to the Greens, this is unacceptable:

George gun.JPG


But we should welcome these people home:


ISIS child head.JPG

This week the hypocritical leader of the Greens says Australia should welcome murderous ISIS jihadists home. He even said, “ Good people make shocking decisions.”

Well yes, yes they do. BUT that does not mean there are no consequences. It does not mean we have to accept those who have left this country to fight a bloody and ferocious war should be allowed back in. The ideology that drove them there in the first place is vile and dangerous, and they will bring it back home.

Di Natale is either an ignoramus of the highest order or a very dangerous man. Perhaps both. He clearly dislikes Australia and would rather be cruel to our citizens than protect them.

He said we should bring them home and “Perhaps we learn a little more about how we prevent those activities happening rather than giving somebody licence to continue perpetrating those activities overseas and putting other people at risk.”  


We have learned all we need to know Richard. ISIS is based on the violent and oppressive ideology of Islam and it is very, very dangerous. There you go. I just saved the tax payer millions of dollars and  kept our country a little bit safer in the process.


As for anyone who still votes for the Greens, well the mind just boggles!


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