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A tribute to my Mum

A tribute to my Mum

My beautiful Mum passed away on this day 20 years ago.

I have lived almost half of my life without her but her legacy and love lives on.

The kids and I have had a lovely morning going through old photos and I told them stories about the Nan they haven't been blessed enough to know in person. But they know how much she would have loved them and cared for them and devoted to them.




Mum was always the life of the party. Generous, funny, loud, compassionate, creative, organised and one of the best social networkers you could ever meet. I doubt Facebook would have survived her!!!! No doubt she would have broken the internet a few times :-)

Mum threw amazing parties, was a dress-up queen, an extraordinary office manager, always efficient and organised, a faithful friend (Telstra loved the hours she spent on the phone checking in on friends), gave of herself in community service and was an all-round sensational woman.




Mum loved to travel and often worked just so she could take us all on amazing adventures with her. She was so passionate and you always knew where she stood on issues.

Principles and values meant a lot to her and she couldn't stand "bullsh*t artists"! She was a true anti-pc warrior before her time.

It is ridiculous to try and put into words how much she means to me and to those who knew her. I miss her immensely. She was my biggest fan and cheerleader and I know she still would be today. The grief is still real 20 years on but I am so thankful for the time we had, for the memories, and for how she helped form who I am today.

Love you Mum. Cheers and here's to reuniting in eternity.