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Clucking Mad!

Clucking Mad!

More than 70% of all chicken slaughtered in Australia is done according to Sharia Law.

This means Islamic  principles and rituals. It also means promoting Sharia via your grocery purchases.

Baiada/Steggles and Ingham have more than 70% of the market share and there are other chicken companies like Red Lea who also halal certify their chickens. Red Lea have just announced they are now in voluntary administration. These companies pay around $40,000 per year each factory just in halal certification fees. 


I have reported before how in some of these factories 6 Muslim-only men are employed to watch, pray and rotate on a full time basis while a machine does all the slaughtering. That is a few hundred thousand in wages in one processing plant for a service that around 2% of the Australian population requires.

Usually at this point the naysayers like to jump on the “it’s for export”  bandwagon. Nuh-uh! reports the following:

This means that virtually all chicken meat eaten in Australia is grown in Australia. Also, almost all chicken meat produced in Australia is consumed locally, with just under 5 per cent being exported. Australian chicken meat is exported primarily to South Africa, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and the South Pacific islands (DAFF, 2011).

These are not even primarily Muslim countries!


How is it that Baiada/Steggles and Ingham have been duped into paying halal certification fees? How is it that more than 70% of all chicken slaughtered in Australia is subject to an Islamic religious practice and fees and yet only 2% of the consumers are actual Muslim?

Why are Aussie Mum’s who are just trying to shop and feed the family forced to pay for a service that is completely unnecessary and irrelevant to non-Muslims?

If Muslims in this country want halal certified chicken then why can’t they raise the money to have someone slaughter and inspect the 2% of chickens required? By all means eat halal – but it needs to be user pays!


I came across this report on the Islamic website  Muslim Village. Besides demonstrating how much inconsistency and in-fighting there is among Muslims it contains some other interesting facts. 

The report says,

“With regards to the Halal certification of Red Lea, Dr Anas informed us that Red Lea maintains a strict compliance with the rules of Halal machine slaughter permissible in the Shafi school of Islamic jurisprudence. Red Lea complies by having at least six Muslim slaughter men on the production line at any one time. The first slaughter man physically touches each chicken and recites the Tasmiyah [“Bismillah AllahuAkbar”] just as the mechanical blade slaughters each chicken. Another two slaughter men are positioned after the mechanical blade to hand slaughter any chicken missed by the mechanical process. Another Muslim is on standby in the slaughter room to fill in for any man that may leave the line during the kill. Of the two remaining Muslims, one is on a rotating break whilst the other manages the sleeping gas [CO2] given to the chickens before they are slaughtered.”

And this doesn’t increase the cost of these chickens? A chicken processing plant pays around $40,000 a year for halal certificates.  Add to the $40,000 the wages of 6 Muslim only halal slaughter men and I think you are looking at a cost of hundreds of thousands. These 6 men are employed for the purpose of Islamic religious practices only and don’t seem to fulfil any other purpose conducive to the actual processing of the chicken. And we are meant to swallow the rhetoric that the company absorbs the cost?

Yeah, right! They must think we are all clucking mad!


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(This a combination of two articles that were written by me and were first published on the Pickering Post several years ago)