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Red Lea Chickens goes bust

Red Lea Chickens goes bust

It is very sad when anyone loses their job. I feel for these workers.

The company itself though made strange choices. Red Lea Chickens were halal certified despite the fact less than 2% of the population desire it and less than 5% of all chicken in Australia is actually exported.

Red Lea faced boycotts from many Aussie consumers because of this.

There was also a lot of confusion for Muslim consumers as many thought Red Lea weren't truly halal as they were machine slaughtered. See this article here from Muslim Village

Red Lea employed several male only, Muslim only slaughters which was completely unnecessary, adding costs for employing men to stand around praying which has zero effect on the quality of the chicken. Their wages, provision of a prayer room, requirements to have them on rotating shifts etc all add up and make it a ridiculous practice.

So Red Lea lost support because of their middle ground appeasement. Now hundreds have lost their jobs as Red Lea Chickens goes into voluntary administration.

If Muslims want halal slaughtered chicken let them do it themselves and make it a user-pays system. All meat products must be clearly labelled so consumers can make informed decisions. You can be sure that if consumers knew their meat had been subject to Sharia practices and halal fees paid they would find alternatives.

If you seriously want to see changes and the senate recommendations implemented please join H.A.M (halal action movement) today.


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