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About Kirralie Smith

About Kirralie Smith

Working hard for New South Wales

I am a proud and passionate Australian. I spent the first half of my life growing up in suburban Sydney, enjoying a wide range of sporting activities and always enjoying the sense of safe community my parents worked hard to provide. I love all things coastal and the beach is where I go to re-energise and refresh.

The second half of my life has been spent on the Mid North Coast of NSW. We have lived in a regional centre and also in a rural farming community. The people and landscape of the Australian bush and regional centres have stolen my heart.

I have been happily married to Greg for more than 19 years and together we have produced three amazing children. It is my desire to pass on to them a safe, free and prosperous nation they can also be proud of.

Being raised in NSW I bring with me the comprehensive grasp of issues facing Australians living in our cities, as well as the unique concerns of people in regional and rural communities.

I was educated through some outstanding public schools and am proud of my achievements in tertiary education. I have received an Associate Diploma in Applied Sciences; a Diploma of Ministry, and a Bachelor of Theology. I have worked part time since I was 14 years old - in retail, sales, NSW Health, Private School Teaching, as well as being a partner with my husband running a small business and more recently as the Founder and Director of Halal Choices Australia.

It is time for us to have Senators and Ministers in government who can represent mainstream, conservative Australia. We need real people with real life experiences who can relate to and understand the real concerns of Australians. At present we have an over-representation of party-machined, cookie-cut, career politicians who are unable to genuinely understand the people they claim to represent.

As housewife, mother, small business owner and 'accidental' activist, I will ensure the voice of mainstream, conservative Australia is heard and no longer ignored, ridiculed or cast aside. My commitment to the people of NSW is to be relentless in leading the necessary debates, investigations and legislative changes to stop Islamisation. I work for smaller and responsible government, a return to solid education, decent and affordable health care, effective protection of families and law-abiding Australians, creating opportunities for small business and securing our place in the global community.


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